House Of Jacket Brand Story

Luxury, long-lasting, and affordability are not words that are commonly used to describe the same product. Far too often, one or two of those terms is sacrificed for the other. It shouldn’t be that way! Everyone should have access to a stunning leather jacket, or fashion jacket, that can stand the test of time without a massive price tag. That’s exactly what we’ve created.

Our jackets are made with traditional methods, embracing the idea “things just aren’t made like they used to be.” We’ve gone back in time to revive the amazing methods that were used to create the attire your parents or grandparents have been able to pass down in the family, thanks to the amazing durability and timeless style. We carefully select the finest materials when we are creating our gorgeous leather jackets, using only nylon thread that ensures long-lasting wear while matching the leather perfectly. Our design, sourcing, and assembly methods provide our customers with an affordable leather jacket that stacks up against any luxury designer brand (without the steep price).

The idea that everyone can have a jacket that costs $1,000+ is unrealistic, even if social media makes us feel otherwise. Think about the era your parents and grandparents lived their younger years in. High fashion was reserved for magazines, with a common understanding that high-ticket items weren’t necessary for the average individual. Part of that was due to a lack of the internet, where comparing ourselves to others has become much easier, but another massive difference was in how products were made. Of course, many luxury brands we are familiar with today were around, but there were alternatives that still provided exceptional quality… going back to the idea “things aren’t made like they used to be.”

Unlike trendy brands that only care to put forth countless styles that can change rapidly, as we see today, your parents and grandparents got to be surrounded by items that were made to stand the test of time, because trends weren’t changing by the day or minute – we can thank social media for that. Though trends change often today, there are items that will always stand the test of time – like a stunning leather jacket.

Each of our organic leather jackets are unique, showing the marks of the animal the leather came from, aging uniquely with each individual that owns one. Purchasing one of our gorgeous leather jackets gives you a timeless piece, unlike anything else, durable enough to last a lifetime. Everyone deserves a quality leather jacket, and we have made that possible.