We want to ensure satisfactory customer experience that’s why our return policy is set for 14 days of delivery. You can return or exchange almost everything within 14 days of delivery for a Full/Partial Refund or Exchange.

How my Return/Exchange requests are processed?

When we receive a return or exchange request, it will go under inspection for the stated complaint. This process is completed within 72 hours of receipt.
In case of exchange order will be processed for delivery. You are likely to receive your order within 15 days. The refund requests will be furnished within 7 business days. A confirmation email will be sent to you as a proof of return order received and completed.
Expect to receive the refunds in the original mode of payment and this process may take min. 10 days and maximum 45 days, which will be managed according to issuing policy of bank.

In which situations, exchange will be accepted?

  • Customer wants a different size or if there is an issue with the size.
  • Exchange can be done only once for a size.
  • Item should be unworn and in good condition

In which situations, returns will be accepted?

The returns will be accepted if at least one of these cases apply:

  • Customer has not received the product that he/she ordered
  • Product received has some defects
  • The product has been tampered

Unless the package is not delivered or jacket received is damaged shipping cost will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Return for Custom Orders

House of Jacket will not accept return of custom orders, under any circumstances.

Who will afford the shipping charges in case of exchange?

We will provide our US Location address and the customer has to be ship at that address.

Who will afford the shipping charges in case of return?

In case of return we will provide a return address to the customer and the customer has to be ship at that address.

How to initiate a return/exchange?

Please follow this link.

Custom Orders

House of Jacket is dedicated to impress its customer with quality and accuracy. However, when we receive requests for customized jackets, there may be difference of understanding. To resolve this issue, we do offer free alteration service for first time.

How can you get a perfectly customized order?

As business owners, we want to satisfy and retain our customers for long time, therefore we take extra care and follow the minor details requested by the customer. However, sometimes the following differences may occur

Design and Quality

Following what is considered the best practice for online selling, we share the pictures of customized orders with our customers. This gives our customers a chance to review the final product and clear all doubts.


For customized orders, our service will ask the customers for measurements. The customers are requested to provide these numbers after referring to our size guide. If size error still occurs, we facilitate you with free alteration option. We will alter and return the jacket after the buyer ships it back to us.


Refunds do not apply for custom orders. This is because the size and all details added to the jacket are according to client’s preference

For any queries please contact us:

Phone :+1 (402) 258-3459

Email : info@www.houseofjacket.com