House of Jacket Manufacturing process

At Houseofjacket, we maintain a specific quality benchmark for our products. From sourcing materials worldwide to packaging them with care, every process goes through rigorous checks by experts before reaching the customer. This dedication drives all of our manufacturing processes to ensure that the customer gets their desired product in style and comfort.

Selection of Finest Raw Material

We understand that the best-finished products come from raw materials of the highest quality. House of jacket handles these with care, as they are our primary source for creating premium leather jackets. The hides are then refrigerated, salted, and are sent to the tannery to undergo required treatments.


From here, the skin goes through a series of processes within our tannery department. These practices soften the hides and preserve them to make our products skin-friendly. In addition, different methods and equipment are utilized to remove impurities, hairs, fat, and proteins that grow bacteria. These processes include vegetable tanning, mineral tanning, and oil tanning. Each step depends on the skin hide and the required time to complete the process. Some methods are faster than others but may affect the color of the leather.


The skins are then pushed to drying tunnels and stretched over frames. This step prevents shrinkage during the drying process. Next, they’re hung and are sprayed with water to obstruct stiffness which can occur after drying. After conditioning, the skins are placed in vacuum drying cabinets. After, they’re buffed with revolving steel.

Design and Cutting

Handcrafting by highly skilled artisans is still sought by many consumers Because leather garments are considered luxury items. To meet this, we have a team of skilled designers who work on custom designs requested by our customers. These customizations are separate from the machine designs and patterns per the weight and height of the client that we already complete. For cutting, the pattern is placed on top of the leather. Next, the process is accomplished in two ways—pinning tissue-paper patterns onto the leather or marking the pattern with tailor’s chalk.

Stitching and Pressing

With all the additional materials needed, such as buttons, zippers, and lining, the leather is sent for stitching and pressing to the sewing department. Patch pockets are sewn onto the side pieces before they are stitched to the back portion. Then the sides are stitched to the back portion, and sleeve underarms are stitched together. After that process is complete, the sleeves are attached to the armholes.

Last, finishing pieces such as collars, cuffs, buttonholes, buttons, zippers, and pockets are placed according to the jacket’s design. Finally, the leather jacket goes through a pressing process that incorporates a heat application and steaming and blocking to complete the transformation of the animal skins into a jacket.

Final Quality Check

The final phase of our process is the quality check. Each jacket passes through a rigorous inspection to ensure no marks, tears, stains, or other imperfections before being packaged into a secure box and shipped to the customer.

Quality of leather jacket

Fair Pricing

Our products are crafted with maximum efficiency and delivered directly to our customers without the involvement of middlemen. This enables us to make our products available at the fairest price that is a fraction of what other luxury brands would sell them for.